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Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry, Southwestern Jewelry

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Authentic Native American Jewelry decorated with turquoise has increased in popularity in past years. Blue Sky Turquoise desires to educate you with information about Native American Jewelry handcrafted by Native American Indian Tribes throughout America's Southwest.

We focus primarily on jewelry created by Navajo, Zuni, and Hopi artists in America's Southwest. Including but not limited native turquoise necklaces, earnings, pendants, buckles, fetishes, bracelets, rings and more. We also give you information on how Native American Jewelry is created and what to look for when purchasing the jewelry online.

Our hope is to keep this Native American craft alive for many more generations and provide people with accurate information about this marvelous craft. If you have any additional information about Native American Jewelry we would be happy to review it and possibly post it on the Internet.

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